Represent.US to promote the advancement of the American Anti-Corruption Act

I am working with Represent.US to promote the advancement of the American Anti-Corruption Act.

We are having a protest of the fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United ruling – and educational forum on January 21st at the UU Church. THIS WED NIGHT, 1/21 @ 6:00 P.M.

A protest will take place at the corner of Alpine and State from 6:00 – 6:30 followed by “training” in Library at Unitarian Universalist Church.
4848 Turner Street, Rockford, IL 61107
(815) 398-6322
This did not get published in Kairos or Friday Update – so I’m looking for help in spreading the word. Please use your lists to promote the event. It is being held at the church at my insistence that UUs would provide a good turn out.

This is Elizabeth Lindquist’s announcement in this week’s Rock River Times.

I appreciate the help.
Allen Penticoff

Discuss State of The Union with Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
To me Today at 2:37 PM
Dale —

Tonight, President Obama will give his State of the Union speech before a joint session of Congress.

As the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, I hope the president boldly addresses the most burning question of our time:

How do we reverse the 40-year decline of the middle class?

As the president knows, the top 1% and major corporations are enjoying a historic period of prosperity, while the wages of the average American family have flat-lined. If we are going to save the middle class, and the future of this country, the president needs to tackle income inequality before it’s too late.

I would like to discuss President Obama’s State of the Union speech — and several other subjects — with you during a DFA Live conference call on Wednesday, January 21, at 8pm ET. Will you join us?

With so much at stake, I’m looking forward to talking with Democracy for America members on Wednesday and taking your questions.

- Bernie

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

P.S. January 21 also marks the five-year anniversary of Citizens United, a horrendous Supreme Court decision I have worked with Democracy for America to overturn. To learn more about my work with DFA on this critical issue, as well as the DFA Live call, please read the message copied below from Jim Dean, DFA’s Chair.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jim Dean, Democracy for America
Date: Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 10:59 AM
Subject: DFA Live: Your chance to ask Bernie Sanders anything

Dale –

Five years ago, the Supreme Court issued their catastrophic Citizens United decision. Since that day, one Senator has been in many ways the face of the movement to repeal it — and people have never listened to him more closely than they do right now.

Senator Bernie Sanders has always been a merciless critic of Citizens United. Back in 2012, 84,350 Democracy for America members signed on to his campaign to push Congress to repeal the decision and bring common sense back to our campaign finance laws.

And now that he is the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Sanders has a new platform from which he can publicize his unabashedly progressive policy positions — and make politicians and press on the right and on the left listen.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that on Wednesday, January 21, we will be hosting a very special DFA Live call with Sen. Sanders — on the night after President Obama’s State of the Union address to the nation. On this special call, we will talk about the president’s speech, the impact of Citizens United, the Republican-controlled Congress, and how we can win in 2016 and beyond.

Do you want to be a part of DFA’s exclusive conversation with Sen. Bernie Sanders? Then click here now to RSVP for our DFA Live call on Wednesday, January 21 at 8pm ET.

The Senate has only been in session for a couple of weeks, but already Sen. Sanders is making his presence known as he challenges Democrats and Republicans alike from the left.

On the Budget Committee, he is inviting progressive activists and “deficit owls” onto the panel that writes the government’s budget. And on the floor of the Senate, he is already forcing Republicans to take difficult votes — for example, forcing Keystone XL supporters go on the record explicitly as to whether or not they believe climate change is real.

As the political world begins to focus more and more on the upcoming 2016 presidential election, there’s no question: Sen. Bernie Sanders’ voice will carry more weight than ever.

This will definitely be a remarkable conversation with Sen. Sanders — he will even be taking members’ questions live on the call! So don’t miss out: Sign up now for our DFA Live call on Wednesday, January 21 at 8pm ET.

Thanks for all that you do. And I hope you’ll join us next Wednesday night!

- Jim

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Bernie Sanders Lays Down the Gauntlet, DECEMBER 8, 2014

Hi Folks, I hope others are checking this website! Here is an article worth sharing. I still haven’t figured out how to change the username/admin. from “Holly” to “Dale” yet.
Best to all,

Bernie Sanders Lays Down the Gauntlet -ROBERT BOROSAGE
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders released an Economic Agenda for America last week, detailing 12 reforms to help make this economy work for working people once more.

“The question of our time,” he said in a fiery speech, “is whether or not we are prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy.” Two days later, Sanders joined striking fast food workers and federal contract workers who were demanding a living wage and the right to bargain collectively. Sanders is openly considering whether to enter the presidential race in 2016. His “Economic Agenda for America” provides a building block for that challenge. (He will also champion a less interventionist and costly foreign policy.)

His reforms strikingly highlight the great gulf between what most Americans believe and what the politicians they elect enact. Polls show a majority support for virtually all of Sanders’ reforms. In contrast, Republicans in control of Congress, almost in lockstep, oppose each one of them. And the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party bridles at many.
What follows is a summary of the Sanders agenda accompanied by polling on where the public is. (Specific sources for the polling are available from the Campaign for America’s Future’s, a compilation of polls detailing the views of America’s populist majority.)

Sanders hasn’t yet decided whether he has the desire and the necessary activist support to make a run for the presidency. But one thing is clear: His agenda on the central issue of the day – the economy – already earns widespread approval.

The Sanders Economic Agenda for America (reordered and shortened)


FROM Dale –

We have just one week left to save the Senate from falling into Republican hands.

You’ve already heard from progressive leaders like Elizabeth Warren this week that it’s important for us to stop a Republican takeover of the Senate. I want to emphasize exactly why this matters. The Republicans have already drafted an extreme agenda in the event they win.

We cannot let them implement it.

Here are at least five things we can expect if Republicans take the Senate:

At least two more years of Republican obstructionism, especially when it comes to confirming new judges.

A Republican Congress will pass huge new tax cuts for the wealthy and for big businesses.

They’ll also impose cuts on — and will try to privatize — Social Security and Medicare.

Republicans will roll back women’s rights and may try to limit access to birth control by passing a “personhood” law.

Obamacare will be gutted, rolling back the big gains we’ve made to get affordable health care to more families.
President Obama will do all he can to hold them back, of course. But it’s not realistic to expect the president to veto every bill sent to him by the Republicans. If one party controls both houses of Congress they’re going to get some of their agenda through, just as Democrats did when Nixon and Reagan were president.

We can stop them — but we need your help.

Will you sign up for a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) shift on DFA Dialer to call Democrats in critical swing states to make sure they vote in this extremely important election? All you need is a computer, your phone, and some free time before Election Day.

Yes, I will Get Out The Vote to save the Senate by making DFA Dialer GOTV calls from the comfort of my own home! PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER

No, I can’t commit to making calls now, but I will contribute $3 to expand DFA Dialer’s GOTV program to critical states and races everywhere.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has a devious plan to achieve his agenda if Republicans take control of the Senate. Here’s how Politico reported it:

Mitch McConnell has a game plan to confront President Barack Obama with a stark choice next year: Accept bills reining in the administration’s policies or veto them and risk a government shutdown… “We’re going to pass spending bills, and they’re going to have a lot of restrictions on the activities of the bureaucracy,” McConnell said. “That’s something he won’t like, but that will be done. I guarantee it.”
Last October we saw them carry out this threat as they shut down the government. The only thing that stopped Mitch McConnell was Democratic control of the Senate.

The best way to get Democrats to the polls is to give them a call and ask them to vote. DFA members across the country are calling into the critical states that will decide who controls the Senate. We have just one week left and there’s no time to lose. Will you sign up to make calls using the DFA Dialer?

Yes, I will Get Out The Vote to save the Senate by making DFA Dialer GOTV calls from the comfort of my own home!

No, I can’t commit to making calls now, but I will contribute $3 to expand DFA Dialer’s GOTV program to critical states and races everywhere.

Thank you for volunteering to stop a Republican takeover of the Senate.

- Howard

Gov. Howard Dean, Founder
Democracy for America

RPM mission statement and beliefs

RPM mission statement and beliefs 7/05

“Rockford Progressive Meetup strengthens democracy through promotion of educational awareness, fairness, social justice and compassion for all individuals. We will accomplish our goals by gathering like-minded citizens to develop and support progressive candidates, communicate our values to current officials, and promote awareness to the public regarding critical issues affecting our community and nation.

We Believe:
in grassroots involvement for a democratic process
in working to insure trustworthy candidates for public office
in advancing progressive values in our communities
in opposing divisive policies that hurt our nation
in equality for all individuals
in social responsibility (corporate, political, and individual)
in promoting diversity as a strength
in working with the nations of the world to create a stronger, safer America
in honest and transparent policies to be critical components of effective government
in all citizens being paid a living wage
in protecting our environment is our responsibility to future generations
in recognizing our children as our greatest resource
in affordable healthcare for all
in government fiscal responsibility

Vote YES to insure access to birth control in Illinois!

Ballot initiative aims to restore access to birth control View online
ACLU of Illinois
Vote YES
Take action
Share the message:

Vote YES to insure access to birth control in Illinois!

Dear Dale,
In approximately 40 days, Illinois voters will go to the polls. There are many highly-contested races across the State, with many issues driving those races. On that same ballot, you and other voters will have an opportunity to speak out on a matter that the ACLU of Illinois cares about deeply—unfettered access to birth control.
The question before voters is straightforward: “Shall any health insurance plan in Illinois that provides prescription drug coverage be required to include prescription birth control as part of that coverage?”
The answer to this simple question can have broad implications.
Vote “YES” and you will help send a strong signal that birth control access for all persons in our State is a priority—a priority that should not be ignored by the legislature or other elected officials. Vote “YES” and you will join the ACLU in our historic commitment to supporting access to all forms of contraceptive care—without interference from government or from an employer—for all persons in Illinois.
We urge you to add your voice on this issue. So go to the polls on November 4th and vote “YES” on this resolution. And, share this message on Facebook and Twitter to encourage your friends and family members to vote for the resolution as well.
Thanks so much for participating in this process.
Colleen Connell
Colleen Connell
Executive Director
ACLU of Illinois

Grand Opening for 2014 Campaign Office supporting Rep. Cheri Bustos and the Democrats

From: “Laskonis, Charlie”
Subject: WinnDems_ FW: Grand Opening for 2014 Campaign Office supporting Rep. Cheri Bustos and the Democrats
Date: August 20, 2014 at 7:36:28 AM CDT
To: “”

Hi Charlie,

I left you a message about this a couple days ago, but could we get the following out via the WinnDems list? We’d really like to get at least a few elected officials to speak a bit, if possible. If they could RSVP and specify such, that would be great, but everybody is welcome. Hope to see you there!


Event: Grand Opening for 2014 Campaign Office supporting Rep. Cheri Bustos and the Democrats
Date: Saturday, August 23rd, Meet & Greet beginning 12:15-12:30pm; door knocking to follow reception
Location: 119 N. Church St. Ground Fl. · Rockford IL 61101
Description: Please join Congresswoman Cheri Bustos for the Grand Opening of the 2014 DCCC Democratic Campaign Office for Winnebago County! Say hello to the Congresswoman and other members of our local Democratic community, have some light refreshments, and join Cheri in knocking on the doors of the voters we need to help Democrats win this November!

All Democratic elected officials, candidates, and members of the community are welcome.

RSVP: If possible, RSVP to:
Thomas E. Rothe, Field Organizer
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
(703) 944-9622 ·

Edward Visel
Regional Field Director, IL-17 North
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
119 N. Church St. · Rockford IL 61101
815-914-6217 ·

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Meet Randall Olsen, Semocratic Candidate for the 16th Congressional District. SUNDAY, JUNE 1ST, 11 A.M. -2P.M.
Sunday Brunch at Jesse’s Place, a restaurant at 307 S. Main St, Rockford. 50/50 raffle and door prize. $10 donation per person. For more info:
If you are able, print the attached poster and post where you think it will be noticed or acceptable to get the word out. [I had trouble attaching this]

Meet Julian Bond -SAT. 0CT 6TH

Join Former Chair of NAACP Julian Bond at Bainport

Respected leaders from across the country continue to express their support for Sensata workers, and this Saturday, October 6, former Chair of the NAACP and civil rights leader Julian Bond will join us in support of the workers fighting to save their jobs from being outsourced to China.
The Sensata workers have had to train their replacements from China, and had their severance packages reduced. They have been camping out across from the plant to bring attention to their cause.
Julian Bond will stand with the workers at the Bainport encampment at an exciting community event and lend his support to their struggle.

Rally with Julian Bond at Bainport
Saturday, October 6, 2012
9:00 am
Stephenson County Fairgrounds
2250 South Walnut Road
Freeport, IL 61032

A Showing of the film “Koch Brothers— Exposed: The 1% at its very worst”

Rockford IL – On Monday, Oct 8th, Rockford Progressive Meetup will be showing the film Koch Brothers— Exposed: The 1% at its very worst. Attendees are invited to participate in a discussion following the video.

The event will take place at Unitarian Universalist Church at 4848 Turner St., Rockford, IL
from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Discussion to follow film.
The event is free and interested citizens are invited to attend.

Details of the event-
What: Rockford Progressive Meetup- a showing of the film
Koch Brothers— Exposed: The 1% at its very worst
When: Monday Oct 8th 7-9 PM
Where: Unitarian Universalist Church-4848 Turner St., Rockford