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RPM meeting Tues and other stuff

Hi Rockford area progressives,

Just a reminder that our monthly RPM meeting is on Tuesday Sept 5th, from 6:30-8. We will be showing “Stop the Abuse of Power” The video gives an inside view of the current imbalance of power of the U.S. executive branch and how it has taken away our constitutional rights.

In case you haven’t attended in a while we still hold meetings at Loves Park, North Suburban Library on North 2nd St. from 6:30 to 8 PM.

On Monday Sept. 18th at 7:30 PM we will be co-sponsoring a video with Rockford Peace & Justice. “Iraq the Untold Story” will be held on Monday Sept. 18 – 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Rockford, 4848 Turner Street. Mike Shiley, sneaks into Iraq as an ABC news reporter and produces an honest view of the Iraqi people and U.S. soldiers. During this meeting will also welcome Cassie Elliott, a veteran from the Iraq War and a new Rockford resident who is against the war. You can sign up at the website.

In October, we will continue our exposure of the Iraq war and will be showing the film “Iraq, for Sale, the war profiteers” I will notify you when we set the date.

As summer comes to a close, hopefully we will be able to find more time to move our country on the correct path. This fall election is very important and our work can affect the outcome. Check out how you can help candidates at the Win Dems website and at the Auman website . Your help is needed and appreciated.

Hope to see you at some of these events.

Yours in taking our country back. Holly

Aug. 8th RPM meeting report

We had a great meeting Tuesday so I want to share with those of you who were unable to attend some information. We had some wonderful media coverage from radio announcements of the event, to the RRS publishing it in the “Go” section of the paper, to 2 TV stations’ present.

If you happened to watch channel 13 or 23, you saw the segment. They did a great interview with our speaker, Julio Salgado, and even had me speak about RPM (I definitely need to invest in TV makeup if this happens much more :-) ) If you would like to read what was on air click on to link

Our guest speaker, Julio Salgado, concerned citizen who helped organize the spring Latino rally, talked about the next step. He helped to form the “Latino’s for Progress” group. This organization recognizes that the best way to influence governmental policies is have a strong voting block. The next few months they will be registering massive numbers of Latinos and follow that up by getting them out to vote. He slogan is “Yesterday we marched, today we vote.” His talk was followed by a spirited question and answer period.

Other guests include US Rep candidate Dick Auman’s organizer. Sarah updated us on Dick’s campaign and told us about his next Rockford fundraiser. Details include:
Sunday August 20th 6:30-8:30
John’s Restaurant. 2914 11th St. Rockford
$25 contribution at the door, includes pizza and cash bar.
RSVP by Aug. 16th 815-777-2604 or email

Our next RPM meeting is one week earlier on Sept.5th. We will show the movie, “Stop Abuse of Power”

Thanks for your interest and support.

Yours in Taking Back our Country, Holly