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Dec. RPM Update

Happy Holidays Progressive Friends,

Looks like global warming will be ending with our first snowfall of the winter. :-) Hope you and your family have a peaceful happy season.

I just want to update you on several RPM happenings 1. Nov. meeting report, 2. Canceling the Dec meeting. 3. Jan meeting topics 4. Peace rally in Jan.

1. We had a great meeting in Nov. Attendance was just around 15 but understandable with the meeting being just 2 days before turkey day. Sonia and Bob Vogl gave a great talk about renewable energy . The have had many practical experiences and seems like they are most hopeful about solar energy being the best environmental friendly energy source.

2. The steering committee decided to give us all a well-deserved break so we cancelled our December meeting.

3. We will hold our next meeting in Jan. Note we are changing from our usual 2nd Tues to the third Wed to Jan 17th. We will be meeting for our last time at the North Suburban Library in Loves Park and in Feb. will move to the Electrical Union’s building behind Perkins on east State Street.

Now with Democrats in control of the house and senate in DC, we want to get your input on to what our group emphasis should be in the next few months. I have had several people email me saying what is important. So, at our Jan meeting we will have an “open mike” time for attendees to discuss what is important.

Topics so far include: building grass-roots in Northern IL, making Rockford a “green city”, campaign finance reform and making a level playing field after NAFTA. Let me know if you would like to give a 10 minute talk on what is important to you. Email me your topic.

4. Also heads up. We are putting together a “peace rally” with Rockford Peace and Justice and Rosemarie Dietz Slavens the 2nd week of Jan. Details later.

Hope you will participate as we move forward to take back America.


***** IMPORTANT******* Please sign up for the next meeting and register as a member on the national DFA internet site

Nov. RPM meeting

With the election over, we can now concentrate on issues. Renewable energy Fair organizers, Bob and Sonia Vogl, will speak at our next RPM meeting on Tues. Nov. 21st and 6:30 at the North Suburban library in Loves Park. There will be time for sharing and discussion.

Hope you can make it!