Monthly Archives: May 2007

Summer Break

We will be not be holding regular RPM meetings
in June, July and Aug. but will have a picnic on Tues.
July 10th (more details later). If there are any
urgent actions for us I will contact you.

Look for a big RPM event in Sept.

Yours in taking our country back, Holly

closing down the other “meetup” website

We will just be using this website from now on.

From now on the Rockford Democracy for America will no longer be used. It was not a free space and I have personally been paying $19 a month to maintain it.

If you are not already getting emails from me 1- 2x a month and want to keep connected, contact me to be included on the RPM email list.

You will also be getting an email from Meetup stating the organizer has stepped down, which is not the case. I am still the organizer but am not using that site anymore. So please ignore that message.

We WILL be having a “picnic” gathering on Tuesday July 10th. Watch for details

May 8th video showing of “Quiet Revolution at next RPM meeting

Come see—“Quiet Revolution” by Alliance for Justice. It is a compelling 23 minute documentary which connects the dots between the Right’s think tanks, funders, advocacy groups, politicians and its federal judicial nominees, peeling away the conspiracy of the ultra-conservative movement layer by layer.

Remember we are at our new location and new time at the Electrical Workers’ Union at 6820 Mill Road Rockford IL (located behind Perkins on East State St) and at our later time of 7PM

Hope you can join us, I am sure we will have an iteresting discussion afterwards.