Monthly Archives: October 2007

RPM Meeting Wed. Oct 10th

We are in the full swing of things this fall. I want to remind you about our Rockford Progressive Meetup next week and an upcoming peace rally in IL. Hope you can attend these events.

1. Rockford Progressive Meetup meeting Details
What: a video and discussion “Quiet Revolution” by Alliance for Justice. It covers the topical issue of the recent appointment of ultra-conservative judges and its impact on our lives.
When: Wed. Oct 10th at 7 PM
Where: Just Goods Store, 201 7th St. Rockford.

2. Nation wide peace rally on Oct 27th
sponsored by the national United For Peace and Justice Group our local group RPJ is going to be a part of it. It has been decided it would be more effective to have several very large rallies rather than on big on in DC and it looks like Chicago is going to be one of the biggest. Consider joining us for the event.
What: United for Peace & Justice has called for regional antiwar demonstrations
When: October 27 with kick of at !:30-6PM
Where: Union Park on the west side of downtown Chicago, followed by a march to the Federal Plaza

This is one of 11 regional demos, the Midwest demo in Chicago is shaping up to be one of the biggest. Already 200 organizations have endorsed, and trains are being reserved and busses chartered, bringing antiwar protesters from Detroit, Kalamazoo, St. Louis, The Twin Cities, Madison, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Cleveland and elsewhere. This promises to be by far largest Midwest peace manifestation of the war. And about time, too!