Monthly Archives: January 2008

Who do you want to be president and why?

We had a great meeting on Jan 9th and were honored to have delegates for Clinton, Edwards and Obama present. We had an enthusiastic discussion and then voted.

here are the results:
Clinton 3
Edwards 7
Gravel 0
Kucinich 6
Obama 8
Richardson 0

As you can see we were all over the place so our group can’t endorse one candidate over the other.

Who is your choice, and why?

Attend meeting Jan. 9th

Hope you had a great holiday season and are ready for working for a better America and a peaceful world in 2008.

Here is a reminder- We will also be holding a fun RPM meeting this Wed. We will have a free flow discussion about our choices for the presidential. It would be great to have you come and talk about why you are supporting a particular candidate. Meeting details

When: Jan. 9th at 7PM
Where: Just Goods Store 7th St. use the back entrance

We will follow the discussion by having a “push pin” vote using a bulletin board with a list of candidates. You can vote for your top choice and your last choice. It should be fun to see how our progressive group thinks.

We will also discuss possible activities for our group this year and want your input.

I sense a real change for an awakening America and we are a part of making it happen.