Monthly Archives: April 2008

National Healthcare Video and Discussion April 9th

Be sure to come to our April Rockford Progressive Meetup next Wed. We will continue to cover the topic of the healthcare crisis in America. First we will show the video “The Healthcare Solution- One Care” produced by California’s campaign for universal healthcare.
Learn about the benefits of a national healthcare and what other states are doing.

Also, come and share your story of why national healthcare is important for your family and America.

—I have been contacted by the local media of their interest—so lets have a good turnout to tell the public this is important.

What: video and discussion on universal healthcare
Where: Just Goods Store at 201 7th Street Rockford
When: Wed. April 9th 7 to 8:30PM.

Other upcoming events to look for

• Action (with the National United Peace and Justice) to contact our congressman to support HR bill 5507 calling for funding only for the redeployment of our troops from Iraq, removal of contractor security forces, a ban on permanent bases, a ban on torture, a ban on illegal detention of prisoners, a strong regional & international diplomatic drive to help stabilize Iraq, funding for reconstruction, and reparations for the Iraqi people.

* Rockford Move on event April 24th Iraq and ”Recession Report Release”

* May RPM meeting with topic- effects of globalizations.