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Sept. Progressive Events

Hi Rockford Area Progressives,

We are moving out of the “hot August” of healthcare reform and it is time to participate in local actions. Several of you attended Manzullo’s townhall meetings –Or rather endured them. Thanks to you who verbalized an alternative to his opinions.

Area progressive groups are holding events and we encourage you to participate. This Wed. Moveon is having a healthcare vigil, Sat Organizing for America is having a petition drive at “On the Waterfront, and Sept 14th Rockford Progressive Meetup is holding an informational and discussion meeting on healthcare reform.

See below for details.

Hope you choose to be a part of the local movement for healthcare reform

Yours for a healthy, peaceful America,
Holly Johnson RPM organizer

1. MoveOn is having a healthcare vigil called ” We can’t afford to wait” on

When: Wednesday Sept 2nd at 7 Pm
Where: across from the RR Star at the Angel Statue.

We will be sharing stories, quotes from Ted Kennedy, and be lighting a candle for those who for whatever reason are without health insurance or are underinsured.

The link to sign up is below:

Crystal Miller Rockford Move-on Council

2. Organizing for America (Rockford Chapter) is hosting a health reform petition drive at On the Waterfront.

When: 12 noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 5th.
Where: East State St. and Madison
To learn more about the petition see the on-line version

Jude from Organizing for America

3. Rockford Progressive Meetup is resuming its monthly meeting in Sept.
We start off with informative presentations and discussions about healthcare reform. You will learn about- Healthcare reform myths, how to frame the debate (George Lakoff’s method) and the money behind the resistance to healthcare reform.

When: Monday Sept 14 7-8:30
Where: Just Goods Store 7th St. Rockford

Holly Johnson RPM organizer