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Help pass healthcare reform

Dear [Elected official]

In a year without healthcare reform:
2.3 Million
People lose insurance

People file for bankruptcy

People Die

As Congress stalls, real people are hurting
Our healthcare system is broken
It’s time to finish healthcare reform
Sincerely [name]

Hi Progressives-
Did this Move-on message attract your attention? To add your name to the virtual march click on here.

At or last RPM meeting we decided to contact everyone we know about changing the messaging on healthcare and get healthcare reform done.

Thanks goes to Marty Wolf for putting together this sample letter and extensive contact list to help your efforts Looks like everyone including Move-on realize this is the crucial few days.

Thanks for helping on this last leg of our healthcare reform battle.

Yours in a healthy America.
Holly Johnson

Dear Ed: I’m taking a few minutes to write to you because I do sense your passionate & sincere concern about health care for Americans. We are, to say the least, challenged as to how to communicate a progressive message in a way that Americans will hear it most clearly. I believe that we will have to use language that MOST POWERFULLY relates to what Americans profess to believe as their core values. For example, two terms that many people relate to very quickly are: “9/11″ and “pro life.” Thus: from the Harvard Univ./Cambridge Health Alliance study that speaks of so many Americans DYING due to health insurance issues, we have a special opportunity to make our point. I respectfully suggest that at the end of EACH & EVERY RADIO & T.V. show that you do, you end with the numerical count of how many “9/11s” worth of people we have killed so far for the week, month, & calendar year. Quoting a general figure of 122 per day or 45,000 per year is not really catching the emotional core for many individuals. After giving the count in these terms, one could then ask questions like: if terrorists from outside the country were killing over 3000 Americans with bombs every month, would we wait until year 2013 to put corrective action into effect? Would we develop a plan to impact only a small proportion of Americans? How “pro life” are we, really?
Well, I’ve made my point, and I hope you consider it. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Marty Wolff Rockford, IL.

George Lakoff. (Rockridge Institute with which he was associated shut down at the end of April 2008 for lack of funds). His current e-mail address was given as: . Mail address is 1203 Dwinelle Hall; Univ. of California Berkeley; Berkeley, CA 94720-2650. Phone is
510-642-2757. Fax is 510-642-3020.

For President Obama: Mail to The White House; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW: Washington, D.C. 20500. Phone #s are
202-456-1111 for comments, 202-456-1414 for the switchboard, with a fax # 202-456-2461.

Rep. Manzullo, e-mail address is His Washington D.C. fax # is 202-225-5284. Rockford (zip 61108) address is 415 S. Mulford Rd. His local phone # is 815-394-1231; fax is 815-394-3930. His Washington D.C. (zip 20515) address is 2228 Rayburn HOB. Washington phone #: 202-225-5676.

For Senator Richard Durbin: email address is United States Senate; 309 Hart Senate Office Building; Washington, D.C. 20510-1304. Phone is 202-224-2152. Fax is 202-228-0400. e-mail address was given as:

For Senator Roland Burris: mail address is United States Senate; 387 Russell Senate Office Building; Washington, D.C. 20510-1305. Phone is 202-224-2854. Fax is 202-228-3333. e-mail address listed as;

Chicago progressive radio station (WCPT): General Manager is Harvey Wells. Mail to 6012 S. Pulaski Rd.; Chicago, IL 60629. Phone 773-767-1000. e-mail: . Regarding radio programs: For Ed Schultz, one can call his show at 877-934-6833. Fax # is 415-956-6402.

The Ed Schultz Show; e-mail to 417 38th St. SW, Suite F; Fargo, ND 58103-2312. (I think the fax # & mail address for Ed Schultz MAY be outdated.)

Thom Hartmann, call his show at 866-987-8466 (tape delayed on WCPT). Apparently one can leave a phone message for Thom, 24 hrs./day, at 503-323-6620. One can talk with him live in Chicago only on Fridays calling 773-838-9278. e-mail to Thom Hartmann is discouraged, but the e-mail address is Mail Thom Hartmann at: c/o KPOJ Radio; 4949 SW Macadam Ave.; Portland, OR 97239.

Norman Goldman, call his show at 888-321-6001. e-mail address is: . Mail to: The Norman Goldman Show; Box # 370; 11054 Ventura Blvd.; Studio City, CA 91604

MSNBC television (Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, & Keith Olbermann), letters can be sent to:
NBC news; 30 Rockefeller Plaza; New York, N.Y. 10112. NBC news phone # there is 212-664-4444, with a fax # of 212-664-4426. e-mail address for Rachel Maddow:

To learn more about the Harvard University–Cambridge Health Alliance study on American deaths due to health ins. matters, just Google “Harvard University–Cambridge Health Alliance” and choose the top entry that comes up (“New Study finds 45,000 deaths annually…..”)
Hopefully, this can be of help, and you can forward it to any potentially interested individuals. Thanks! Marty

Feb. 8th RPM meeting & other Feb. events

The Feb. RPM meeting will include a variety of topics, open to general discussion about the present state of politics and activists’ direction in our area. Bring your input and opinions.

I recommend you look at a couple great items from the internet. The first is a Rolling Stone article about Obama and his base in the first year. I feel it has some great truths, just don’t read the idiotic reader comments. Next watch Rachel Maddow’s video on Obama’s first year. Ignore Sarah Palin in the first minute. Rachel she has some great positive information (how soon we forget the Bush Years)
Below are activities for Progressives in the Rockford Area

Monthly RPM meeting
What: Open discussion-current topics
When: Monday Feb. 8th, 7-8:30PM
Where: Just Good Store, 201 Seventh Street, Rockford

Weekly Peace Vigil
What: Gather, hold peace sign and pray for peace
When: every Wednesday 5:30 PM
Where: East State & the River
Move-ON event:
What: “February Recess District Meetings”
When: Saturday February 13 at 11:00am at 415 S. Mulford Rd.
You can sign up on

RUM event:
What: “Race And The Schools”
When:7:30 pm, Thursday, February 25, 2010
Where: at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4848 Turner St., Rockford (three blocks north and east of Alpine & E State)

March RPM and RP&J workshop
What: “Economic Workshop” (more details later)
When: Sunday March 7th 2PM
Where: Just Goods meeting room, 201 Seventh Street, Rockford.