Monthly Archives: December 2010

Sign Petitions- next meeting not until Feb

Hi Progressives,

What a tough day for progressives. It appears that the corporatists (ultra rich) have won and it is extra disappointing with a Democratic president in leadership at the time when it is happening. – Our work is not done.

Sign our Rockford Progressive Meetup petition calling Democrats to be bold, boastful and build support.

Also sign Sen. Sherrod Brown’s petition to tell Pres. Obama to not give tax breaks to the rich at

Move-on has been active in America’s communities and thanks to Rockford’s chapter for doing their part with local rallies. See the move-on website and sign their petition

I also want to remind you thatn Rockford Progressive Meetup will NOT be holding meeting in Dec. and Jan. and will resume in Feb.

As usual we will be sending you emails to update you about local progressive events in our area.

Yours in peace and progressive change.
Holly Johnson