Monthly Archives: January 2012

Meet the State Candidate’s Forum

The forum will have the Democratic candidates who are running in contested races for local State Senate and Representative seats. It will give you a chance to hear the candidates speak, learn about them and ask questions

The forum will be during our regular meeting date on Monday Feb. 13th.

What: Rockford Progressive Meetup/Winnebago Co. Democrats- Meet Democratic State Senate and Representative Candidates
WHEN: Monday Feb. 13th 7-8:30 pm
Where: JustGood Store at 201 7th Street, Rockford IL

No Jan RPM meeting but lots of progressive happenings

Happy New Election Year! The fun has just begun. Hope you can stay on board through the Nov. election. We need all the progressive help and votes we can get to be sure of a progressive government.

Just want to let you know there is NO Jan. RPM meeting. Mark your calendars for Monday Feb. 13 for a “Meet the Candidate Night”. We have invited the hotly contested race candidates for State Senate and State Reps. Be an informed voter and attend the meeting.

Lots of action going on in Rockford with Move-on and Occupy Rockford..
1. MoveOn
What: Rally : to encourage President Obama to prosecute the big banks and not settle with them. They foreclosed on 350,000 homes.
When: Jan. 19th, time TBA
Where: place still to be decided

2. Occupy Rockford
What: rally to decry the second anniversary of the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, saying that money is speech and corporations are people.
Where: Federal Building, 211 South Court St., Rockford, on Friday, Jan. 20th.
When: all day. There will be a forum at 7 pm for people to speak, sing original songs, put on skits, read poems, etc. For more info, contact Elizabeth at elizabeth or go to the website at