Bernie Sanders Lays Down the Gauntlet, DECEMBER 8, 2014

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Bernie Sanders Lays Down the Gauntlet -ROBERT BOROSAGE
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders released an Economic Agenda for America last week, detailing 12 reforms to help make this economy work for working people once more.

“The question of our time,” he said in a fiery speech, “is whether or not we are prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class or do we continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy.” Two days later, Sanders joined striking fast food workers and federal contract workers who were demanding a living wage and the right to bargain collectively. Sanders is openly considering whether to enter the presidential race in 2016. His “Economic Agenda for America” provides a building block for that challenge. (He will also champion a less interventionist and costly foreign policy.)

His reforms strikingly highlight the great gulf between what most Americans believe and what the politicians they elect enact. Polls show a majority support for virtually all of Sanders’ reforms. In contrast, Republicans in control of Congress, almost in lockstep, oppose each one of them. And the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party bridles at many.
What follows is a summary of the Sanders agenda accompanied by polling on where the public is. (Specific sources for the polling are available from the Campaign for America’s Future’s, a compilation of polls detailing the views of America’s populist majority.)

Sanders hasn’t yet decided whether he has the desire and the necessary activist support to make a run for the presidency. But one thing is clear: His agenda on the central issue of the day – the economy – already earns widespread approval.

The Sanders Economic Agenda for America (reordered and shortened)

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