RPM mission statement and beliefs

RPM mission statement and beliefs 7/05

“Rockford Progressive Meetup strengthens democracy through promotion of educational awareness, fairness, social justice and compassion for all individuals. We will accomplish our goals by gathering like-minded citizens to develop and support progressive candidates, communicate our values to current officials, and promote awareness to the public regarding critical issues affecting our community and nation.

We Believe:
in grassroots involvement for a democratic process
in working to insure trustworthy candidates for public office
in advancing progressive values in our communities
in opposing divisive policies that hurt our nation
in equality for all individuals
in social responsibility (corporate, political, and individual)
in promoting diversity as a strength
in working with the nations of the world to create a stronger, safer America
in honest and transparent policies to be critical components of effective government
in all citizens being paid a living wage
in protecting our environment is our responsibility to future generations
in recognizing our children as our greatest resource
in affordable healthcare for all
in government fiscal responsibility

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